Doug B, Portland Oregon
I have been going to these dentists for at least 10 years now. My wife had met Dr. Patel's wife through a social group, so when my regular dentist retired, I went there to try it out.

I'm very impressed with the entire dental team. Front desk, hygienists, dentists, all of them make me feel welcome and appreciated. Even the encouragement to floss more often is not overbearing, and I've asked a lot of questions as dental care has changed over the years.

The event that really put this team into the Superstar category for me was an accident I had about 5 years ago. I was walking around at lunchtime on a rainy day. I jump-hopped up onto the curb like the spry man of 47 I was and the next thing I know I am face-planting into the concrete sidewalk. The coworker with me said, "It looked like you ALMOST caught yourself." It was an immense amount of force that I still shudder when I remember it today, and the impact sheared off both front teeth at an angle horizontally and the teeth cracked in half like the back of an M&M sliced off. At first I thought my entire mouth had caved in, but when I got to the emergency room I knew the back portion had just been pushed back at an angle and had not fully broken off.

Dr. Patel got me in immediately and did some temporary fusing so the teeth would not break off as I was trying to sleep. Then we made an appointment for what turned out to be a complete reconstruction of those teeth from below the gumline in the back. My beautiful straight teeth were the result of braces from my grandparents, so the teeth meant something to me and I wanted to keep what I could. Dr. Patel respected that and found a way to do it. When you are certain you will lose your front teeth and someone has the expertise to do a custom repair job, it feels pretty miraculous. He even custom tinted the new teeth to match the rest of the teeth. People who saw me that day, like the firemen at the station near my fall, could not believe how good it looked after I healed.

I'm on a bit of borrowed time because the accident killed the nerve to each tooth. Eventually I will need implants to replace the teeth completely. But for now, I am careful and Dr. Patel maintains the tooth repairs so I can keep the teeth.

This entire team is highly recommended. Go check them out.