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CPD_Logo_copy1.jpgCherry Park Dental
2513 SW Cherry Park Rd.
Troutdale, OR 97060
Phone: 503-492-6440

Fax:      503-661-8660

Gresham_Station_logo.jpgGresham Station Dental
1282 NW Civic Dr.
Gresham, OR 97030

Phone: 503-760-1334

Fax:      503-762-1955


"We have been around sixty -seven years (dinosaurs). Never found a better dentist than Jenny Lu. She is so gentle, thorough, precise and accurate. One is very fortunate to have such confidence in a dentist. We do not believe there is a better dentist available than our dentist Dr. Jenny Lu."
-Carol and Wayne, Troutdale, OR

"Since locating to the Portland area over five years ago, both of us have been patients of Dr. Patel. We are impressed with his kind compassionate care. Both he and his staff are very professional and caring. The state of the art dental equipment in his office is a fantastic asset to providing pain free treatment. We have had the opportunity to refer several of our friends to Dr. Patel. Each of them is very happy with their care and the professional manner they have received."
-Alice and Bill, Happy Valley, OR

My wife and I both see Dr. Jenny Lu and Dr. Mukesh Patel at Cherry Park Dental. My wife has a lot of dental problems, so we were looking for dentists who have a lot of experience and spend the time for us to understand our treatment options. It took us a while but we finally found them at this office. The doctors never rush through treatment and make dental work pretty comfortable. The office is pretty nice and has the latest technology. I like the digital x-rays and intraoral cameras that show me on a computer screen the condition of my teeth. The staff is really friendly and helps us with billing and insurance which is really confusing. We really recommend this office for families and people looking for a good experience.

Dan, Portland, OR

"Cherry Park Dental has friendly staff and great dentists. Their attention to detail and conservative practices insure safe, comfortable, and healthy smiles. I would strongly recommend trying Cherry Park as your dental provider."
-Will, Beaverton, OR

"When I realized I had to find a new dentist, I was dreading it. There's so much involved in your relationship with a dentist, you know? There's the trust issue, of course. And the question of "is this dentist ethical"? And then there's the question most grown-ups won't admit to -- but we're thinking it(!): "will this dentist hurt?" You want your new dentist to be "the one," because it's a life-long commitment, a family commitment. So I did my research, calling around, speaking with local dentists and their staff -- and of course, comparing prices. (We all do that, although we won't admit to it!) I immediately liked the people I spoke with at Cherry Park Dental. Yes, they were accepting new patients. Yes, their prices were certainly comparable to others in the area. And when I met Dr. Lu, I knew that I had found a "home." Dr. Jenny Lu is the epitome of what we all want our dentists to be: an absolute perfectionist when it comes to her work. (I can't believe how much better I look now!) She's a compassionate professional who concerns herself with the comfort of her patients. In a phrase -- she does amazingly good work! The staff at Cherry Park Dental is also wonderful. The receptionists are so personable! The hygienist and dental assistants are true professionals. If going to the dentist can ever be said to be pleasurable -- well, they certainly try to make it that way. When you finally find the right dentist, it is such a relief! The search is over -- you've found someone you can depend on. For life."
-Arlene, Troutdale, OR

"Dr. Lu has been my dentist since I moved to Portland a few years ago. I am very impressed by both her deep knowledge of dentistry and her warm personality. She explains every diagnosis in detail and thoroughly addresses all my dental concerns. The low dose digital X-ray makes me feel comfortable and safe. The staff at the front desk is friendly and professional. One time, I even received an unexpected refund check from the dental office because they found that I had an additional dental insurance policy from my husband. Although the office is not located particularly close to my work or home, I have found my experience to be worth the drive to the dental office to keep my teeth healthy."

-Connie, Beaverton, OR

I would like wholeheartedly to recommend Dr. Mukesh Patel for people looking for a caring and thorough dentist. I am a Dentist for Kids and took my mother to see Dr. Patel. He helped her through a very complex dental problem that involved rebuilding five of her teeth that were suffering from periodontal disease. She was leaving town in a few days, and Dr. Patel made time to work on her and also do such a great job. She now can enjoy chewing her favorite foods again.

She normally gets very sore opening her mouth for long periods, but Dr. Patel has a humorous personality and gentle touch that made this lengthy procedure much more tolerable for her. His honesty, skillfulness, and meticulous attention to detail distinguish Dr. Patel from other dentists in my book. He has two modern offices in Troutdale and on Foster Rd, so patients don't have to drive too far to see him. Please contact his offices if you are looking for a good dentist on the east side.

Dana, West Linn, OR

"The most comfortable & relaxed experience I've had at any dental office"
-Brent, Corbett, OR

"I want to thank Dr. Patel and Cherry Park Dental for doing such a fantastic job on my teeth! I ended up having to have major dental work done and I couldn't have asked for a better experience! Dr. Patel is extremely professional and thorough in his work but he also has a great sense of humor and always made me feel very comfortable. I also felt like the staff got to know me personally and that they truly cared about me. Now I recommend Cherry Park Dental to all my friends and family!"
-Shannon, Happy Valley, OR

"The staff made me feel very comfortable"
-Beau, Gresham, OR

"Dr. Lu is extremely precise for her work. I have no problem with any work she has done for me"
-James, Beaverton, OR

"I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Patel and his staff. Dr. Patel and his staff have done everything from routine cleanings to a root canal on my teeth. I have to say that Dr. Patel is the most caring and gentle dentist I have ever been to. He takes the time to explain and show me what is going on with my teeth and what needs to be done to maintain my smile. I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of a GREAT dentist."
-Jim and Christina, Happy Valley, OR

"For quality dental care from receptionists to doctors, I recommend Cherry Park Dental"
-Don, Troutdale, OR

"Jenny Lu is the best dentist that I've ever had work on my teeth. She is very gentle when drilling etc. and cautious to catch small mouth problems before they become severe. Her staff is very friendly and professional. She is also very understanding of the financial abilities of her patients. I have recommended her as a dentist to all of my family and friends. Finally, I have a dentist that I don't dread going to visit."
-Sandi, Portland, OR

"Finding the right dentist isn't easy. You have a lot of factors to consider: price range, convenience, comfort -- and do you even like this dentist! I have truly stumbled onto a FIND with Dr. Jenny Lu at Cherry Park Dental. And yes, I did a LOT of looking around before I found her. She's professional, personable, affordable -- and I like her. I know I can trust her (a big deal when you're not crazy about going to the dentist anyhow!). She does simply wonderful work (you should see my teeth! The doctor is an artist!) It is a joy -- and yes, a relief -- to have found "my" dentist. The search is over. I highly recommend Dr. Lu and her well-trained staff!"
-Arlene, Gresham, OR


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